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CALAJECTTM has been honoured with the Red Dot design award.

Dental Tribune

And published in the Dental Tribune

CalcajetWe are happy to annouce that an international jury has just assigned the Red Dot Design Award 2014* to CALAJECTTM, Ronvigs system for computer assisted analgesia.

In addition to the recognition from the satisfied judges, we have also received a number of positive statements from satisfied dentists commenting on the use of CALAJECTM. Click here to download the PDF.

Are you curious to know more about the system for painless anesthesia, do not hesitate to contact us or your rep, or order here.

*"1,816 manufacturers, designers and architects from 53 nations had their products and projects in contention for th eRed Dot seal of quality this year. 40 members of the Red Dot jury has tested, discussed and evaluated a total of 4,815 deisgns. Only the best products have been awarded the coveted prize for outstanding design"


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